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About this site

Dear guests!

We are a community of amateur tourists, originating from several cities close to South Ural Mountains, mainly Ufa, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Beloretsk and some others. We have created this site a little less than 15 years ago to exchange photos, reports, ideas and impressions obtained while wandering in our beautiful nature. We are all amateurs here, none of us gains any money from it or pays for any of our trips. Instead, we all follow rich traditions of self-made and self-organized tourism our fathers have long ago established :).

We like nature and amateur tourism in all forms. We go backpacking (both in summer and winter) just as mountain climbing,  rafting or speleology - all our gorgeous nature may offer. We all share the same ideas of preserving the wild nature in its primeval beauty.

This site has never been translated into english, and it hardly ever will. You may, of course, use google translation or any other. Whenever you have any questions about hiking in our region, please, do not hesitate to ask or email directly to , we'll provide you any necessary information or even join you on the way :).

Meet you On the Paths of South Urals!

Yours, the Team.